Solve your technical challenges with our μ-MIM® technology

With μ-MIM® you can produce metal components that would not be possible with conventional MIM manufacturing processes. We manufacture high-precision components with complex shapes for you in large quantities and from a wide range of materials.
Specialised in the production of high precision components up to 10 mm.
Mass production of parts with complex shapes abandoned in the past.
Medical components according to the international standard ISO13485.

We exceed the boundaries of traditional MIM manufacturing

With over 50 years of injection moulding experience and over 25 years of research and development, we have developed our own technology to solve the technical challenges of conventional MIM manufacturing. Our expertise is unmatched by any other MIM manufacturer.
Benefit from a wide selection of materials

More materials

We manufacture parts made of difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and titanium alloys, and with a proven track record of more than 30 types of materials, we boast the largest number of materials handled in the world.
Benefit from smaller component sizes

Component size

We excel in the manufacture of components from a few millimetres to around 10 mm, which can be mass-produced to a high degree of precision.
Our technology offers our customers the possibility to produce their micro components on a large scale.

High precision

μ-MIM® achieves a high accuracy of less than ±0.3% for each dimension. This is an area of precision almost equal to that of general machining. By machining with dies, our MIM technology offers overwhelming advantages for the mass production of components with high geometric tolerances.
Benefit from greater design freedom


We mass-produce components with complex shapes that cannot be realised with conventional MIM technology, without relying on secondary processing.

The 3 pillars of Micro MIM

Our most important motto is “Bring joy to many people”. We are conscious of the global environment, therefore, green is the base colour. We aim to protect the global environment and realise a sustainable society. The red colour is from the sun on the Japanese flag - we distribute our "Made in Japan" technology and quality to the world.
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μ-MIM® / 3D-μMIM®

We combine over 50 years of injection moulding experience and over 25 years of research and development to develop our proprietary μ-MIM® technology. Our know-how is unique in the MIM industry and unmatched by any other company.
Achieving accuracy equivalent to that of machined components.
Enabling free-form shapes with our unique lost-core process, 3D-μMIM®.
Reducing lead times dramatically with our the world's leading LMM 3D printer.
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Measurement and Evaluation

We guarantee the quality of our components by nondestructively acquiring and properly evaluating the external and internal 3D data of the components with the most advanced measuring and analysis equipment in the world.
Optical 3D measuring system by ATOS Triple Scan System of GOM.
X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) by MCT225 of Nikon Corporation.
Measuring porous materials and analysing porosity and pore cross section.
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Research & Development

Our R&D laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can rival that of top universities. We pay special attention to material development and measurement and analysis systems to ensure the quality of the μ-MIM® components we produce.
R&D base in Japan at Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
R&D base in Thailand at MTEC
International industry-academia collaboration

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Our clients are in these 2 categories

Medical device manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers

We provide major medical device manufacturers with our unique technology and produce components for them according to the ISO13485 standard.
Semiconductor and Precision Industries

Semiconductor and precision industries

We manufacture and supply high precision metal components to companies worldwide that have special requirements for their parts in terms of size, shape and quality.

Our customers value our expertise

We have been working with Johnson and Johnson for over 2 years.
It has been a fun and fruitful journey working with MicroMIM Japan since 2020. This company has strong R&D, and they really know what they are doing. Their 3D-μMIM® technology is specialized for challenging parts with reasonable cost, and it provides 3-5 times better dimensional accuracy than conventional MIM process, comparable to machining. Their combined capabilities of lithographic metal printing for high-precision rapid prototyping and Micro-scale MIM process for high-precision mass production makes this company unique and outstanding.
Dr. Y.F.
Staff Development Engineer
logo SMYM
Since the last 5-6 years collaborating with μ-MIM® in multiple projects of different nature I have found a reliable partner, plenty of in-house technical know-how and using cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. µMIM technology, 3D-μMIM®, etc., are samples of high added value solutions available for achieving target not feasible using other technologies.
Óscar Méndez
Founding Partner & Managing Director

Company T,

a major manufacturer of machine element components

I am very satisfied with the quick and accurate response to our suggestions and co-operation on improvements. The persons in charge of the project were very good and courteous.
Section Chief

Company S,

a well-known medical device manufacturer

The current mass-produced components have been delivered consistently and without any defects. I applicate that you respond promptly and courteously to our quotations & requests.

CKD Corporation

Because of excellent component partners like Micro MIM, our products are able to be produced with incredible precision and high quality!
R&D Manager
Our original company Taisei Kogyo Co. Ltd. has developed μ-MIM® technology, which specializes in micro component manufacturing and produces components that meet the increased demands of our time. As a result, μ-MIM® has become well-known worldwide, and has contributed to society by "bringing joy to many people".

Micro MIM Europe GmbH was established with the aim of accelerating this trend and realising our vision. In recent years, the manufacturing environment has changed dramatically and the speed of change has increased as well. Our goal is not only to refine the μ-MIM® technology we have developed, but also to think of the "now" with an eye to the future. That's why we actively participate in new innovations such as metal 3D printing and protect the environment in which we operate.

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About Micro MIM Europe GmbH

We will not only refine the μ-MIM® technology we have developed so far, but also think about the "now" with a focus on the future. Therefore, we are actively engaged in new innovations such as 3D metal printing and protecting the environment in which we work.

We will address the problems facing our societies around the world and use our technology to help solve them. For example by developing components for new surgical instruments in order to reduce the burden of surgery on patients.

We will continue to be "those who take on new challenges" and work on solutions to "bring joy to many people".
Our team of experts will gladly answer your open questions regarding micro MIM technology.

Our headquarter in Düsseldorf, Germany

Our headquarter in Düsseldorf, Germany
Our office is located in the center of Düsseldorf. From here, we serve our customers throughout Germany, Europe and America.

Even though collaboration does not necessarily require an on-site appointment due to our digital way of working, we are always happy to have personal contact with our customers. You are welcome to visit us at any time.

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