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Benefits of μ-MIM® in medical device manufacturing

In addition to the features of our μ-MIM® technology, we will introduce application examples in the medical device industry and show how μ-MIM® can contribute to business development.

μ-MIM Measurement Technology

“Measurement” in our micro-MIM technology to manufacture small and complicated metal components for serial production.

How do the debinding & sintering processes work?

“Debinding and sintering process” in our micro-MIM technology to manufacture small and complicated metal components for serial production.

What is 3D-μMIM®︎?

Technology for even more complicated design

Incus x Micro MIM Japan

Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing to complement MIM production

Sayama Mould × Micro MIM Japan: The mould technology essential to µ-MIM technology

Kanagata (mould) technology that supports our μ-MIM®

What is μ-MIM®?

The first introduction of our Micro MIM technology‍

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β-Titanium alloys by MIM manufacturing
β-Ti (Beta Titanium) alloys have received a lot of attention as the next generation implant material in medical industry. In this issue, we introduce the reasons of β-Ti alloys attract attentions and our progresses of MIM process development.‍
Our latest interview with Easy Engineering Magazine was published
Press releases
June 15, 2023
Please check out our latest interview with Easy Engineering Magazine about our business and technologies!
μ-MIM® realises quality micro gears!
In the previous issue, we explained that gears with diameters of a few millimetres, small modules in special shapes such as bevel and bevel teeth (bevel, miter, helical and etc.) are difficult to machine, and are typical of high cost gears.

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