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A message from our CEO

Our most important motto is “bring joy to many people”.

Hideaki Tanaka
CEO Micro MIM Europe GmbH
Signature Hideaki Tanaka
Hideaki Tanaka, CEO of Micro MIM Europe GmbH

Our original company, Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. has created the μ-MIM® technology specialised in the manufacturing of microcomponents and continues to offer components that meet the increased demands of our time.

As a result, our manufacturing technology has become well-known worldwide and has contributed to society by "bringing joy to many people." Micro MIM Europe GmbH was established with the aim of accelerating this trend and realising this motto.

In recent years, the manufacturing environment has changed a lot, and the speed of change cannot be compared with the past. Therefore, we will not only refine our technology, but also think about the "now" with an eye to the future.

That's why we will actively participate in new initiatives such as metal 3D printing and will address a number of new challenges in the future.

Such as reducing patient exposure to surgery by supporting the development of new surgical instruments with our components, addressing the problem of population growth by manufacturing parts that support space travel development, and protecting our environment by making more efficient use of renewable energy with our products.

We will continue to be "those who take on new challenges" to solve problems and "bring joy to many" in a world full of change.

Hideaki Tanaka
CEO Micro MIM Europe GmbH
Signature Hideaki Tanaka

Our Way

The definition of our "way": "Way" is a long road which we are taking as a group.
Our company's philosophy, mission, vision and values."Way" is a long road which we are taking as a group.
CEO career

Hideaki Tanaka

Our most important motto is “bring joy to many people”.
Hideaki Tanaka
CEO of Micro MIM Europe GmbH
Signature Hideaki Tanaka
Hideaki Tanaka, CEO of Micro MIM Europe GmbH
After passing the CPA exam in 2012, he joined a large accounting firm. He audited publicly traded companies, primarily in the manufacturing industry. In addition, he performed referral work for overseas headquarters.
In 2018, he joined Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. as the head of quality control department. He succeeded in building an improved quality management system and obtaining the first ISO13485 certification.
In 2020, he was appointed group-wide overseas project leader.
In September 2022, he accepted the position of CEO and Representative Director of Micro MIM (Europe) GmbH.

Our logo

An aggregation of many circles

The circles in our logo stand for all the people we serve: Customers, end users, partner companies, research and development institutions, employees and everyone else.

They also represent the metal powder that is the basis of our production: a round powder made of different materials that we use to create components with our technology that we will take all over the world to surprise everyone.

We respect diversity because we have customers all over the world and our group of companies is present in Japan, Thailand and Germany. We value employees of different nationalities and their different ways of thinking.

Our logo expresses that possibilities are infinitely expanding, just like cell division. The number of green circles is 12, which corresponds to the number of golden stars seen in a ring on the European flag.


We are conscious of the global environment, so green is the basic color. Our goal is to protect the global environment and realize a sustainable society.

The red color comes from the sun on the Japanese flag. We distribute our "Made in Japan" technology and quality all over the world."
Logo of Micro MIM Europe GmbH

Our team

Izumi Nakamura

Business Development Director

Naoki Nakata

Engineering Account Manager

Yumi Peinemann

Marketing and Account Manager
Our offices are located in the center of Düsseldorf Germany.

Company profile

Trade name: Micro MIM Europe GmbH
Representative: President & CEO Hideaki Tanaka
Director & Technical Officer: Dr. Shigeo Tanaka
Director: Tomoyuki Yokota
Founded: September 2022
Established: September 2022
Employees: 4 (group 70)


JAXA Jury's Special Award in Aerospace Development Venture Scheme (Development of Micron-class Porous Materials)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), 2003

JSME Award for New Technology Development (Manufacturing Technology for Micronising and Improving the Quality of Metal Powder Injection Moulded Components)

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), 2004

JSMS Technical Award (LIGA SP-Moulded Insert Metal Powder Injection Moulding Technology for Mass Production of Microstructures)

The Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS), 2006

JSMS Encouragement Award

The Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS), 2007

JSPM Award for Inovatory Development (Micronisation of the MIM process and its application)

Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2008

JSME Award for New Technology Development (Fabrication of Micro-Structured Parts by Nano-Imprint Lithography Sacrificial Plastic Mold Insert MIM Using Nano-Sized Copper Powder)

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), 2009

JSPM Distinguished Paper Award (Grain Growth in Polycrystalline Nickel Powder Compacts during Early Stage of Sintering)

Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2015

National Research Council Award Second Prize in Industrial Sector (Titanium Foam Development Project)

The National Research Council of Thailand, 2017

JIMM Award for Outstanding Poster (Engineering Characteristics of 17-4PH Steel Components Fabricated using the Thermal Melt lamination Process)

The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, 2020

JSPM Award for Distinguished Achievements in Development (Development and practical application of ultra-fine metal injection moulding (μ-MIM) technology)

Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2020

We hold 12 patents

Superheated Steam Dewaxing and Sintering Apparatus
Porous Sintered Body and Process for Producing Porous Sintered Body
Molding Material for Sintering
Aluminum Fiber Porous Sinter Molded Body and Manufacturing Method
Manufacturing Method of Powder Sinter Molded Body, Binder Composition for Powder Sinter Molded Body and Molding Material for Sintering
Process for Producing Porous Sinter, Porous-Sinter Molding Material, and Porous Sinter
Microfluidic device and Manufacturing Method
Manufacturing Method of Porous Molded Body and Porous Filling Molded Body
Porous Sintered Body and Process for Producing Porous Sintered Body
Method for Manufacturing Powder Sintered Compact, Method for Manufacturing Sintered Material Molded Body, Sintered Material Molded Body, and Mold Apparatus for Powder Injection Molding
Manufacturing Method of Powder Sinter Molded Body, Manufacturing Method of Fluidic Device, Powder Sinter Molded Body and Core for Producing Powder Sinter Molded Body
Method for Manufacturing Powder Composite Injection Molding Body, Powder Composite Sinter Body and Mold for Powder Composite Injection Molding.

Business outline

We provide technical collaboration and innovation to our customers through our R&D capabilities and manufacturing.

We offer state-of-the-art processing technologies worldwide, focusing on the μ-MIM® technology we developed. Micro MIM Group offers technology collaborations in which we have cultivated various technologies through technology transfer. We support our customers' innovation with a variety of proposals based on new technologies we have developed, including our own μ-MIM® technology, of which we are particularly proud. We welcome your inquiry with your ideas.
These are some of the components we manufacture for our clients.

How our companies are connected and work together


Micro MIM Europe GmbH

Sales Office
Düsseldorf, Germany

Our new sales office in Düsseldorf works closely with our R&D and manufacturing departments in Japan to provide our clients with our cutting edge processing technology

Logo of Micro MIM Europe GmbH

Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc.

Head Office
Osaka, Japan

Offers our state-of-the-art proprietary μ-MIM®  processing technology worldwide

Logo Micro MIM Japan

Taisei Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Sales Office
Osaka, Japan

TAISEI KOGYO is a research and development-oriented SME with a production headquarters and R&D laboratory in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture.

Logo of Tasei Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Our group company history


Founded in Osaka, Japan


Established Taisei Kogyo Co., LTd. in Osaka, Japan


Moved the HQ and factory to current location


Obtained Quality ISO9001


Obtained Environmental ISO14001


Established TAISEI KOGYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Thailand


Established Tokyo Sales Office


Established Representative Office in Offenburg, Germany


Established Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc. as a parent company of Taisei Kogyo Co., LTd.


Certified Medical Device Manufacturing ISO13485


Established Micro MIM (Europe) GmbH

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